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Curing I.T. Headaches

Ever wished you could find the paracetamol that would cure your IT pains? Why not try bringing in an entirely new brain to find the right solution for your business.

Backup Systems

What would you do if all your business data was wiped out by fire, flood or an electrical power surge? We can help you choose and implement a robust backup system that fits your business.

Cloud Services

Heard about the Cloud and want to understand how it can stop an IT storm raining on your business efficiency? We can explain it in plain English and help you pick the right systems for your business.

Non-specialised Consultancy

Have you got a problem and can’t find anyone with the answer? Click on the Brain above to find out how we can help

Who Is the Wandering Brain

And What Knowledge Does It Contain

I, Sam Walmsley, am the Wandering Brain. Trained as a Mechanical Engineer, since graduating I have worked in a number of general management roles, primarily in Water treatment and Anaerobic Digestion, with a detour into children's bicycles. Major projects completed include end to end implementation and administration of a NetSuite ERP system, installation of a new file storage and backup system for a 40 employee business, implementation of a custom developed Metapack courier integration system and creation of a VPN linking and sharing information from 20 different sites. More generally, I also enjoy helping businesses streamline their systems using both computer and paper based systems so that they are more reliable and easier to use for all staff.
The thread linking all of the above is that I love solving problems. If you've got an issue that you need help with, and can't find the right person to do it, why not try giving me a call on 07974 707932 to discuss how I can help you.

Qualifications and Experience

8 years Operations Management experience
Managed end to end implementation of NetSuite ERP system

Mechanical Engineering MEng 2.1 University of Birmingham
Graduate Training Programme with Yorkshire Water
Undergraduate Training Programme with Ford Motor Company

Complete refurbishment of house, including rewiring. Can't plaster.
Sailed across the Atlantic as part of crew of 4
Climbed new mountaineering routes in the Bolivian Andes

Brain Nourishment

Have you ever thought about.....

Computer problems and solutions

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