IT Consultancy with a human Brain

July 13, 2016

Every Business is the same

We’re here because your business is the same as every other.  Computers have transformed efficiency, all your staff love working with them. Nobody ever accidentally deletes anything, and if they do, you can just go to your backup and get a recent copy of the lost file.  You’ve read about the Cloud, and understand exactly what it means and how it can help your business.  In fact, you’re only on this website because you’ve got loads of spare time and fancied having a mooch around the internet but got bored of videos of cats.

Not the case?

If everything above rings true, then you should set up your own IT business, you’ll be able to retire in a couple of years.  But if you, as with so many businesses, feel that your IT systems are holding you back, give me a call on 07974 707932 to find out how I can help.

All businesses have different needs, but I approach every project in the same way.

  1. I listen to you and your staff, allowing me to build an understanding of how your business gets things done.  This is about learning how your people work together to make your business a success.
  2. I think about the best way to use technology to improve efficiency in your business.  That could mean modifying the way you use existing equipment, introducing a completely new system or even moving away from electronics and towards a pen and paper.  A good IT consultant recognises that the best solution isn’t always more computers…
  3. I’ll come back to you with a solution that I feel will fit your business.  We’ll then discuss, in plain English, how this will help your business, and once you’re satisfied, create a timetable to get everything up and running.

My key concern is ensuring that the system I recommend works for your business.  I don’t have a links with any specific suppliers, which means I’m free to pick the product that offers the best fit to your circumstances.