Computer problems and solutions

It’s hard to get through modern life without a computer.  Banking is online, email is the norm for business communication and half the people in the UK have a Facebook account.  And when they’re working, computers are great, but when you have computer problems, finding a straightforward answer to what’s causing them can be almost impossible.

I recognise that when you bring someone in to work on your computer system, you need a solution that is going to work for you and your business, and to work with someone who’ll use language that you understand.  My approach is always Listening, Thinking, Solving, always searching for what you need, rather than offering what I already know.

For more information, please call me on 07974 707932 and I’ll be happy to talk through what you’re looking for, and how I can help.  And I promised not to give an answer like the one below….


Computer Problems

It’s amazing what people think a non-expert user understands

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